Sunday, July 1, 2012

One Year Later

I wrote this today, Yud Aleph Tamuz, on the yartzheit of Leiby Kletzky.

I sit here with so much going on around me
And no one would know what's going on inside me
I remember with clarity that dreadful day
When precious little Leiby was suddenly taken away

The news that he was missing opened all our hearts
And the news that he was found awoke us with a start
That tearful morning when all of us were told
He was found but no longer with us, a child, a treasure, like gold

Today, one year later, so much to think about
It's easy to point fingers, to get upset and shout
We can talk about safety and not talking to strangers
We can talk about awareness and prevention of dangers

But we must accept this as reality, no Leiby's not coming back
It is hard but we need to take something from the day our world turned black
A message, a lesson, from this story so scary
And move beyond the tears so we can start to see clearly

We need to internalize this idea until we believe it's true
That there is a plan from above by Hakadosh Baruch Hu
At times like this when it seems so confusing and unclear
We need to keep reminding ourselves that Hashem is always here.

He watches over each of us, our each and every step
And even though we cannot comprehend, we don't know why just yet
There are so many pieces to this puzzle of life and
There are so many things above the surface-we cannot understand

So...our focus for now should be, not the details of the story
But on how we can change and do something, ask how can this change ME?
Take a message from this little boy whose life was shortened so suddenly
And try today to appreciate those close to you-your family

Take the time to show them how much they really mean to you
Show them they are important, speak gently, try not to argue
Verbalize the three words that express that it is true
Don't push it off for another time, just say I love you

Because anyone who lost someone close to them very suddenly
Will surely say the same as I, they surely will agree
The one wish that we have, is for another chance to
Spend some more time with them, say one more I love you

So while you still have a chance, express it, don't you wait
Don't keep pushing it off, until it is too late
Tell those closest to you how you really feel inside
Your parents, spouse, siblings, children-your true emotions don't you hide

And keep davening for the day when all our pain will end
When the ultimate yeshuah Hashem will finally send
May we all be zoche to the time when our deepest dreams come true
When we can almost feel Hashem telling us, "My child, I love you!"

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