Thursday, November 24, 2011

we must understand what chanukah really is all about who could prepare us better than charlie harary!!


  1. chaya sara rabinowitz
    Hashem just gives you siyata dishmaya with this blog. its not just what i needed to hear, it is the exxxact answer to a question and challenge ive been going through!
    n btw as they say:
    "self control is the knowledge to say that you can but the power to insist that you wont"
    i remebr you telin me tht Hashem shld send us messages of love emunah and answrs to our doubts!
    thanks for bein the shaliach!
    zay gezunt gebentsched n shtark!!!!!
    Hashem loves u!!!

  2. chayasara wowowow seeing the effort that goes into your blog is awesome! its like a battery boost of emuna! its a genius idea i love it! this blog is the answer to all my questions and is the wind that removes the clouds of confusion. you always tell me to keep a positive outlook and i really want to start doing just that! your my sheliach from hasehem.k so i would say more but for a public blog its getting to personal....thank you for everything and whoever is reading this keep yourself updated on the blog..its the best thing since sliced bread or chocolate or shoes or whatever people are into these days! don't forget to smile!!;):)


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