Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Chasdei Hashem I jst was given a web cam for the first time:) pls let me know how clear it is.. and comments are greatly appreciated!


  1. Hi its chaya sara tons of work went into this happening!its not soo perfectly clear but this is the best i could do for the FIRST time!!so i would love for your feedback.. like a story that has to do with what i said or an example so that others could all learn from each other!!!
    I also would soo appr. if anyone knows how to get pictures in the backround that would be a huge help!!! chasdei hashem this blog is growing soo beautifully and we really feel that its because of the visitors that comment and show that you are really taking to heart what you are reading that is giving us the strength to continue! so pls give us feedbak with your ideas and stories!!loooking forward:)

  2. That was really awesome!:)
    I have a story to share about how an action really changed someone’s life around.
    Around 15-20 yrs ago, in my father’s workplace, there was a man who used to come into the office and do some deliveries and got to know my father and used to speak to him… This man wasn’t really doing well then, he was all brokenhearted he just had a divorce, and my father gave him the book called “Gateway to Happiness” written by Zelig Pliskin… and for a long time they were not in contact with each other, because he changed jobs… Anyways, this year on Chol Hamoed, this man met my father, he was standing next to his wife and kids with a big smile on his face. And he told my father he always wanted to thank Him because this book had changed his entire life around and he got remarried and started fresh again and is now building up a beautiful family!!! This book really taught him all about choosing to live his life in a positive way and it’s all up to the person of how they view everything!! It also taught him what real happiness is as well!

  3. If you want to get something else in the background of a video, you can always just physically put it behind you (eg a sheet) while you film.

    Great video, looking forward to seeing more!

  4. So inspiring great video how one thing u do can make a differences

  5. wow, chaya sara your awesome! that really inspired me! (just 1 thing if you wana make it clearer then the less you move the less pixally it is.) but we heard u fine and thats what counts wow what a message!

  6. Chaya Sara that was really Amazing!!!!!!!!!! Keep on sharing your beautiful and powerful words that make an impact on the lives of so may people!!!!
    Thanks for sharing!!!


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