Friday, July 15, 2011

A Korban - Yehuda ben R' Nachman


That's all I can muster.

I'm looking for words; the right words.

They aren't forming cohesively, but too many people are seeking direction after this unspeakable tragedy for me to remain silent.

We have no Bais Hamikdash; yet we have Korbanos.

The latest Korban's name was Leiby Keletzky Hy"D

A young, innocent, sweet boy on this earth for less than a decade.

His life violated by a monster , then snuffed out in an act of unimaginable barbarism.

His body treated in unthinkable ways; a true Korban for Klal Yisroel.

What message lies therein?

If Hashem has allowed this to happen, it is unquestionably a message for us.

How many more messages do we need until we all wake up?

How can we be so numb and insensitive to what's going on around us?

We hear of this Korban, who serves to atone for OUR sins, yet we carry on with life as usual.

Yes, we say the expected things such as "what a tragedy!", "Hashem Yerachem" and such.

We put on a sad face and sigh for a minute or two; we may even shed a tear or two.

Then it's back to "business as usual".

We continue our vacations.

We continue our lunch dates.

We continue peppering our speech with vulgarities.

We continue watching forbidden television and movies.

We continue making disparaging remarks to our family and friends.

We continue worrying more about dressing in style than dressing B'Tzniyus.

We continue catering to our bodies at the expense of our Neshamos.

We totally miss the many messages that Hashem is sending us.

Are we so numb and blind?

How many more Korbonos do we need?

Do we need it right between the eyes R"L for us to finally take them seriously?

This boy was the son, brother and Korban of EVERY single Jew on the planet.

The amazing and heroic efforts of Acheinu Bnei Yisroel of all stripes and colors who united in the search for this boy, is surely part of the message.

He may not have been found as we all hoped, but his passing should leave us with the clarity to hold on to the Achdus that was engendered.

The outpouring of Tefilos that were said and tears that were shed for this boy and his family may not have produced the results that we hoped for, but they were not in vain.

Not one single tear, not one single prayer was for naught.

It is in times of pain and tragedy that Klal Yisroel gets their priorities straight, and focuses on the right things instead of the mundane.

We need to hold on to this focus and not need more messages to keep us anchored in Achdus and Tefilah.

Yes, there may be some evil people amongst us, but as a whole, Klal Yisroel is a great nation

Let's all be greater than we think we have the capacity to be.

Let's all start taking life a little more seriously.

Let's add more Torah to our lives, more Tzedakah, more Mitzvos, more Ahavas Yisroel....

Let's rid our lives of Lashon Hara, Machlokes, Sinas Chinam, Pritzus...

Let's show Hashem that we got the message!

May the Korban be accepted by Hashem and may our thoughts and actions not invalidate its powerful effect.

May we be zoche to a rebuilt Bais Hamikdash, where we can bring the kinds of Korbonos that we can offer with joy.

Perhaps if we did some real soul searching and internalized the many messages Hashem has been sending lately...

...We will be able to celebrate the 9th of Av this year instead of spending the day crying again.

Taken from Halacha for Today


  1. this is incredible and so true.thanks for sharing.

  2. Really powerful and true! Thank you devoiry!


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