Sunday, July 17, 2011

How Can One Believe in Hashem After This?

Someone submitted this question anonymously: How can one believe in Hashem after this?

You want to know how one can believe in Hashem after such a horrific story. I have a different question for you. How can one
not believe in Hashem after this?!

Only Hashem, who is way above and beyond our understanding could make something as crazy as this happen. If Hashem were just a friend who we can sit down with and have a conversation with and try to understand the way He works, then He would not be a G-d. A G-d is someone who is by definition above our understanding and so there will be times when we will not be able to get clear answers as to why things happen.

It's hard.

But it's the reality of life and the definition of what a G-d really is.

Only Hashem could have caused such a crazy story such as this one to happen. We try to understand, we try to figure out if there is someone to blame, something that could have been prevented and we come up with nothing.

These parents were so careful with the safety of their child. This was the first time they let him walk alone and planned the route with him so they'd meet up at the right time and place.

But it was not meant to be.

When Hashem gave the job to the
malach hamaves, the Angel of Death, he didn't want to do it. He said, "I don't want a job that will make people look down upon me." So Hashem told him, "Don't worry. Every time you do your job, whenever you take someone's life away, people wont even realize that it was you who did it." And that's why when someone passes away, people are always finding someone, some reason, some piece of negligence, some other excuse as to why the person died the way he did. People blame the driver who was driving too fast, the doctors who could have done something else, the illness...but in this case there is nothing and no one to blame! It is obvious and clear that this is the work of a very scary Angel of Death and the work of G-d and G-d alone.

No one else could have made this happen but Hashem.

And that is why I can say I still believe in Him, even after such a horrible story.

After such a story, it is still very important to strengthen our trust and belief in Hashem and I can understand that this shook you up and gave you some questions to think about.

But if you know that only Hashem could have caused it, you are already a step in the right direction.

What you need to remember is that we have a long history with a proven track record of trust in Hashem as our G-d, our King and our Savior.

Hashem created the world and everything in it, from the tiniest ant, to the little worm, to the dog and cat and elephant and everything in between.

He created the first person who existed in this world and every person who came after him.

He's the one behind the story of Yosef and the brothers and He caused 70 people to go down to
mitzrayim and endure suffering there. And then He redeemed us, a nation that grew to over one million people, through unbelievable miracles, such as the 10 makos, from when water turned into blood up until the death of the firstborn of each Egyptian household. He led us out of the land that we suffered in-Egypt-and then through His miracles we crossed the sea and our enemies drowned.

He kept us alive throughout the 40 years we spent in the dessert by keeping us nourished through the
mon and well hydrated with the water from the well of Miriam. We were also protected by the heavenly clouds on all sides so no nation or animal could attack us.

He brought us into the holiest land, Eretz Yisroel, and kept us going even after the first and second Bais Hamikdosh were destroyed.

Throughout our long and bitter exile, whenever any nation tried to destroy us, we have remained alive and they have not been able to wipe us out.

And one person, one murderer, who brutally took the life of a precious and innocent Leiby Kletzky a"h, is going to shake our rock solid faith in Hashem, who did so much for us as a nation and does so much for each of us as an individual?!

How can any of us let this one person, this murderer, cause our emunah in Hashem to crumble?!

Hashem wakes you up every morning.

Every second of the day that you are alive and breathing is because Hashem is blowing air into your body and keeping your heart pumping blood through your veins.

You are able to see because Hashem wills it so.
You can read and understand what this says only because that is the will of Hashem, because He is your Loving Father and wants you to know that this one story cannot shake the belief we all have in Him.
He does so much good for you.

We cannot let one monster get rid of the everlasting belief we have in Hashem, who brought us into this bitter exile and kept us alive throughout all these years and will redeem us with miracles - miracles that are greater and more awe-inspiring than the miracles He performed in Mitzrayim.

May that day come very soon!

I would really appreciate if the person who asked this question can please let me know if this helped you and if you still have any questions.


  1. Thank you Devoiry!
    What a beautiful post!
    May the past events serve only as a catalyst for increased and improved emunah in Hashem and higher levels in our relationship with Him!

  2. Thank You so so much Devoiry! I agree with every single word you said! and that was an answer full of clarity in believing in Hashem, eventhough we cant understand the reason!! Is is so true and we constantly have to remind ourselves how much Hashem does for us on a constant basis and is always watching us and loves us!!! We are his children!! We always have to remember that and let it be engraved in our hearts!!
    Thanks again! Hope we'll meet with the sound of the shofar and moshiach and in Yerushalayim very soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Amen!!!!

  3. And Devoiry, it's amazing how you can write up such a post!!! It's coming so clearly from within you!! Who you are and how you live your life!!!

  4. The same way only Hashem could make something like this happen, only Hashem could protect us from things like this!!
    Do you appreciate every time you step out of a car safely?
    Do you hug your child and whisper a thank you to Hashem every time he or she comes home from school?
    Do you take inventory each morning of your 5 senses, and each of your organs and limbs and appreciate the gifts you've been granted for one more day?
    It's all perspective!
    You can look at a once in a lifetime horrific murder case...
    OR, you can appreciate the billions of times precious Jewish children walked home safely!
    One thing I promise you - if you choose the first you have gained the key to inner happiness.
    May all of Klal Yisroel have a Nechamah.
    Devoiry, your words ring so true - may we be zoche to reach your level of Bitachon!

  5. Wow! This was so powerful! Thank you!

  6. Wow devoiry!! this makes soo much sense! Sometimes things need to b put into perspective and it was done really well!! gjob!!! everyone shd strengthen their emunah and relationship with G-d and many ppl were able to do that thru this story.
    Thanks Devoiry for the amazing blog!

  7. Amazing, amazing, amazing. Such good chizzuk!

  8. thank you!well put together!

  9. Anon-amen!

    Rivky-yes, we need to remember that although we don't always understand the reasons, everything Hashem does is for the good and because He loves us! And Hashem gave me the clarity I needed to answer this question. It took a lot of thought to write it up but b"h it came out good!

    DB-WOW! I love your comment! You are so right! Focusing on the so many little times things go right will surely increase our emunah in Hashem and make us aware of all His goodness!!

    Anon, GL, SG and liat-thanks. I'm glad this gave you chizuk!

  10. Thank you! thank you! what a powerful message! Such good chizuk for every one in every event!


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